The reasoning and process of how artificial intelligence classifies you

“A step by step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end” — Merriam-Webster

When discussing algorithms, people often forget that this problem-solving process is no more than our own decision making. An algorithm can be as simple as following steps to a recipe when cooking. With technological advancements, the definition of an algorithm…

Here is the game I created. I used Ink and it was pretty difficult. I could not figure out how to have the download not be all of the commands I put in. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would love the help! I have been trying to troubleshoot this for hours now and I am a little upset because I was excited to view my game. All the work is there, but I am not sure how to get it so there is a seperate download that lets people play it.

The game is pretty straightforward. You and your friend go on a road trip and you try to make it to your destination without being killed.

After reading “How to Protect Your Digital Privacy in the Era of Public Shaming” by ProPublica I decided to delete some useless data off my devices. I have an email I made when I was in elementary school that I still occasionally use. Since texting and cellphones were not very…

This is how I interpret when reimagining/reassembling the internet using only analog tools. The paper with questions along side of the pen is pretty explanatory; it’s your search bar but without the computer. In other words, your thoughts at that moment. I use the web as an outlet to seek out information that I am interested in. The cardboard box represents the classic shape of a laptop that we are all familiar with. I believe using this shape makes it easier to put all the analog tools into perspective. Next, you see the glasses in between the missing square of the cardboard box. I did not have any tape or string so please disregard my hand and arm holding up the glasses in this picture. It does not hold any deeper meaning. The use of the glasses was purposely placed because of the association of being knowledgeable with glasses.

The internet is a global platform of computer channels/networks that has established a whole new way of communication. In chapter 1, made the remark “The web, on the other hand, breaks the traditional publishing model”. The article mentioned how the older model refers to a team-made effort where documents…

Charlotte Sturiale

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