After reading “How to Protect Your Digital Privacy in the Era of Public Shaming” by ProPublica I decided to delete some useless data off my devices. I have an email I made when I was in elementary school that I still occasionally use. Since texting and cellphones were not very popular back when I was in elementary school, g-chat, buzz, and emailing friends was our primary source of communication out of school. It is important to note how old this email is because of what statement I am about to say next. This account has 31,459 unread emails. I do not know whether to be ashamed of how bad I let this get or if it’s okay to feel slightly proud of the large influx of emails. Needless to say, decluttering my data was the first, and most needed, target of action for today’s assignment. I have spent hours in years past trying to figure out how to tame my inbox, however, I still cannot figure out how to read all these unread messages without having to click on every single one. A lot of you may be wondering “why don’t you just get a new email and delete that one?”. To where I say, that’s 100% logical, but I have so many other things that list that specific email that I can’t justify getting rid of it completely. I also utilize my school email to the point where I never regularly check that old one. I am expected to graduate this Spring and one of the reasons I’m dreading it is because I’ll have to go to an alternate email address. Preferably one that does not have almost 32,000 unread messages. I admit that this is my fault for allowing these unread messages to pile up. I have no idea how any of you would believe me, but I am actually a super organized person. This confession I let out to the universe makes it almost impossible to believe my statement, but I promise you it’s true. At this point, I feel like I should receive some type of reward from Gmail’s company. I hope to God that this stupidity is not my only memorable trait.